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Are You Happy About Your Finances?

Your Beliefs About Money
Determine Your Financial Outcomes!

  • Is your checkbook on life support?
  • Does your money situation leave you feeling drained and stressed?
  • Do money worries haunt you? Keep you awake at night?
  • Do you put your dreams on hold because you can’t afford them?
  • Are you tired of working hard and not getting ahead?
  • Do you feel no matter what you do, it doesn’t make a difference in your finances?

So if you answered yes to at least two of these questions, please keep reading… I promise it’s worth it…

Money will have a greater influence on your life than almost any other commodity.

Financial scarcity is a problem for many. It can affect your life in profound ways.

It can leave you constantly stressed and fatigued. You may feel your options are limited in almost every situation.

Ann RusnakHi, I’m Ann Rusnak. Several years ago I too answered yes to all those questions. So much chaos and turmoil existed when it came to money. I tried everything to increase my income and get rid of the money craziness.

I read books, went into therapy, tried affirmations, went through money management classes, spent a fortune on business and marketing, courses, listen to audios, prayed for miracles and even made bargains with God. Nothing changed…. until…

I came to realize something about money that turned everything around. The financial chaos in my life had little to do with money.

You read that right… The financial chaos in my life had little to do with money.

Let me share my story…

Money Issues Really Have Nothing To Do with Money

It didn’t matter how much I made, how much income came in… I struggled constantly to pay the bills. Even when I reached a 6 figure income, I thought all our money problems would disappear.

They didn’t disappear! More importantly… there was no reason for those money problems to stay around. Yes! a 6 figure income should eliminate our money problems.

That’s when I knew that my money issues went deeper. I thought all those years of therapy eliminated all the negative money crap. I guess something still "lurked" deep inside me

Your Money Beliefs Reflect Your Relationship With Money

My money belief system came from my parents. Your money belief system more than likely came from your parents too. Most of us get our money beliefs from our parents.

What were some of the messages you received?

  • I must work hard in order to earn money
  • Rich people are greedy
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • It’s too expensive
  • Obtaining money is not spiritual
  • Money can’t buy you love or happiness
  • Money is in short supply
  • Money is dirty and filthy
  • Only people who cheat have money

I know many more limited money beliefs exist

Since I was a child, I dreamed about being wealthy. My parents thought something evil took hold of me… My religaholic parents embarked on a mission to save me from myself and too keep me from going to hell

Growing up I receiving a litany of rules concerning life and money.

  • Happiness is not found here on earth.
  • All rewards come after you die.
  • We’re not here to enjoy life.
  • Money is evil.
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • My dreams came from the devil.
  • Wealth ideas came from the devil.

My mother kept telling me that my dreams of a better life, wanting financial freedom with wealth all came from the devil. If I pursued those dreams, I would be doomed to go to hell. My dad wanted to make sure I understood what hell meant. One day he pulled me out of my chair, dragged me to the stove and placed my hand above the flames – to be sure I got the message!

I actually lost that and many of my childhood memories.

I decided to go into therapy because I had read enough books to know I was sabotaging my goals. Four intense years of therapy recovered my childhood memories and allowed me to put my fractured identity back together.

Imagine how thrilled I felt when many of my goals started came true. All except my financial ones. They kept eluding me for years. No matter what I did.

The "Dr. Doolittle" Money Method

Intellectually, I knew my parents told lies about money. I did all the personal development, visualization, law of attraction, affirmations stuff etc. and still stayed stuck.

When my father died several years ago, I visualized burying all the "crap" with him.

Still no progress. I continued to experience financial struggles no matter what income level. I became more and more frustrated.

Pushmi PullyaI would create one financial mess after another. I swore every time after I cleaned the mess up, I would manage my money better. Of course, I just went back to making another money mess. I couldn’t break this vicious cycle.

I felt like the Pushmi-Pullya animal from Dr. Doolittle. You can identify this fictional animal by the head at either end of its body. Each head has its own idea of which way to go. So the Pushmi-Pullya never gets anywhere at all.

While I intellectually did the right things to attract money, I didn’t know I was concurrently, subconsciously pushing money away.


The Hidden Money Monsters
That Kept Pushing Money Away

I prayed for another money miracle because I did it again. No money showed up.

Instead, God sent me a new friendship. I met Morgana Rae on Facebook and later got to meet her personally at a business seminar. She would become my money mentor. She identified the culprit deep inside that escaped every attempt I made to find it.

She called him a Money Monster. money monster

Boy oh Boy my money monster was big, bad and extremely menacing. This guy was downright horrible, evil and judgmental. His massive bulk muscles and 30 foot height towered over me. He constantly scowled while looking down me with a glaze of threat in his eyes. In his left hand, he held a big wooden club.

He surrounded himself in black and red billowing smoke cloud. I couldn’t see around him, above him or below.

Any wonder I acted like a lunatic when it came to finances.

I even put physical barriers in my office to keep him out. There was at least 5 banker boxes filled with bills, bank statements, business projects etc.

She shared something very profound about money.

"Money is a fantastic tool. It will let you know there is a problem. Any inner pain you feel shows up in your finances. While you live a long time without love, without your romantic partner and even with illness, you can hardly live without money for any length of time at all.

We need food, shelter, medical care etc. and those requirements often require money in exchange."

That monster really represented the inner critic constantly putting me down. Feeding me a steady stream of lies about myself and money… making me feel worthless and undeserving…

So I pushed money away because deep down inside, I didn’t think I deserved it.

Did You Know Your Income Reflects
Your Perceived Self Worth?

Once I discovered how to shut up that inner critic, it allowed me to heal on an even much deeper level. My life took an incredible turn in 2009

My business wasn’t fun any more… I closed it down not sure how we would make ends meet.

Fast forward two years later…

champaignOn February 28, 2011 – I walk into the store, cash in hand, and purchased a bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne to celebrate a huge financial victory.

During those past two years, every one of our financial needs got met plus some. We paid off our home… wiped out every one of our outstanding bill except one which will be gone this year, put money away in savings, rebuilding our investments, put a new roof on the house, plus much more.

Our finances are now in order and treated with respect. My relationship with hubby is fantastic… like we’re dating all over again. People compliment me with remarks like I seem so happy, so at peace… they noticed the change.

The blessings keep coming…

The inner critic can’t hang around and tell you lies about yourself to make you feel worthless when you see and believe in your worthiness. I learned to love myself, to see my self worth. Really embrace myself as a child of God.

Money and Your Magical Essence –
The Love Connection To More Money

Within you is everything you need to experience the life you deserve… it’s called your Magical Essence, your true self with all the unique gifts and talents placed there by God.

You can’t use your talents and gifts if you don’t think you’re worthy. Low self esteem… low self worth affects every area of your life.

Learning to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness first, is a critical step in attracting and keeping money around. The more I treat myself with respect… the more I treat others with respect… the more I treat money with respect.

Are You Ready to Embrace Your
Magical Essence and Experience Money Explosion?

If you said yes, then you’re ready to take the 21 steps to transform your relationship with yourself and your money.

These are the same steps I took to turn my life around financially.

Introducing: The 30 Day Money Mindset Program

30 Day Money Mindset Program

  • You’ll identify your limiting money blocks that stop you from experiencing higher income levels
  • You’ll find your true "Power Center" and how to reach it to create money explosions in your life.
  • The true secret to an awesome relationship with money
  • What to do to keep money around you.
  • How to find your hidden treasure to experience unlimited success and happiness
  • No more Pushme pullya syndrome
  • Learn how money works

Here’s What You Get:

Your 30 Day Money Mindset Program contains:

  • 21 Daily Lessons
  • Money Power Guidebook with action sheets for each lesson
  • Money Mindset video
  • Power Peeps Club Membership
  • Bonus Membership:Peer to Peer Power Peeps Support Community

Plus… The Money Power Tools

  • Discover Money Magic
  • Limited Money Belief Appraisal
  • 4 Laws of Habit video
  • Science of Getting Rich ebook
  • The Greatest Money Making Secret

and much more…

The 30 Day Money Mindset Program form the foundation to

…see your hidden treasure of potential
…start loving yourself unconditional
…create a fantastic relationship with money
…embrace your Magical Essence to make money want to stay in your life.

What Is It Worth To Permanently
Cultivate The Ability To
Attract and Keep Money In Your Life?

Your poor relationship with money may already be costing you big time…

Maybe this poor relationship resulted in

  • Higher interest rates
  • Late fees
  • Overdraft fees

Overdraft and late fees are now $35 – $45 for each infraction.

Five late payments or overdraft fees during the year can cost you $175.00 !!!!!!

Just stopping those overdraft fees for one month paid for my bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne.

A late payment on a credit card can raise the interest rate to 29%!

Can you afford to keep your current poor relationship with money?

What will it continue to cost you if you don’t fix your mindset about money?

Hey look… I remember how it felt when I wanted to solve my financial issues and wasn’t able to "afford" the programs.

Sometimes that felt more frustrating than the financial issues themselves.

I know money is tight… that’s why I want to price our first relationship together at $97. When you see how much you’re getting for this incredible price and how it turns your money struggles around, you’ll want even more.

You see, it’s my hope that as you continue to build wealth by turning from money challenges to money wealth building, you’ll keep coming to more life changing strategies etc.

Ann’s Personal Satisfaction Guarantee


I stand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results. The truth is, action-takers move forward – excuse-makers stand still.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 30 days by simply notifying me if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

And that’s my promise!"

Ann Rusnak

Here’s the fastest way to start the ball rolling…

yesYes Ann! I want to start enjoying a life without money struggles

I understand that when I order the "30 Day Money Mindset Program, I get the following:

  • 21 Lessons delivered over the 30 Days
  • 21 Money Mindset Reflective Exercise Sheets
  • Program Action Checklist
  • Lesson Planner
  • 30 Day Money Mindset Action Powerbook – 58 pages
  • Limited Money Belief Appraisal – 14 pages
  • Positive Money Mindset Quotes & Affirmation – 21 pages
  • Financial Affirmations for Positive Money Beliefs Video– 3 minutes
  • Financial Affirmation Sheet for video
  • Includes Membership in the Power Peeps Club – (Valued for one year at $97)

Bonus Material: Wallace Wattles Science of Getting Rich ebook

Bonus Material: Joe Vitale The Greatest Money Making Secret ebook

Bonus Material: 4 Laws of Habit video

Bonus Material: Adding Gold Doubloons – discover your talents and passion and turn them into money making ideas

Bonus Material: Building A Prosperity and Wealth Mindset report

Bonus Material: Plus 5 additional ebooks and reports


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To Your Financial Success

Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak

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30 Day Money Mindset Program

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