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Align Your Money Mindset starts Monday April 6, 2020

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Manifested an unexpected $1000

I didn't feel confident enough to talk to potential clients. Within, two weeks of working with Ann, I shifted my thoughts to be more open especially around money. This resulted in an unexpected $1000 showing up and a customer calling me out of the blue to place a big order. I loved how Ann gently guided me to overcome the fear of talking about my business and to see the worth and value in myself. I'm feeling less stressed and I now attract new clients with confidence. I'm so grateful for all Ann has done.

Rynette Vall

About Your Host

Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak is the author of The Journey to ME: Empowering You to Live a Life of Unstoppable Success and Law of Attraction Expert for Perfectionist.

She emboldens women entrepreneurs and business owners who remain stuck on a financial plateau breakthrough so they allow more money in while making a difference by being themselves.

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