Harmonious Productivity Power Kit

What's peddled as "productivity" frequently drains one's time and energy - demanding more effort yet delivering less reward. It's like swimming against a rip current; the more you struggle, the more it leads to exhaustion.

Growing up by the sea taught me a valuable lesson: Don't fight the tide when caught in a rip current. Float calmly, conserve strength. True productivity follows the same principle.

Transcending mere busywork, true productivity focuses on key tasks fostering growth and charting a course to your dream life, while letting you savor the voyage.

Realigning my compass from mundane busyness to key priorities, I work less yet earn more. That moment I realized actions in harmony with my true self empowers me to rock the world.

Welcome to Harmonious Productivity Method™ - the elegant dance of internal rhythm and external forces achieving efficient, inspired action. When aligning actions with your true ME (Magical Essence), you create an ocean of magic.

This kit empowers you to ditch the hustle, excel with ease, and preserve your personal life with the perfect blend of being and doing.

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1. Self Care: Critical to Unleashing Your Business's Full Potential

Juggling our bustling businesses often means taking care of ourselves falls by the wayside.  This highlights the need to prioritize your well-being. Effective self-care practices reduce burnout, stress and maintains high energy. Download Here

2. Fast Decision Time Tracker Tool

This tool is more effective than a to-do list. It's a sure-fire way to increase your productivity without working harder. This gem tracks your time in 15-minute blocks. Using this, you get the real deal on where your time goes. Perfect for achieving goals, managing projects, you name it. Download Here

3. Simple Project Planner Template

 This one-sheet wonder breaks down project planning into five straightforward steps, keeping everything on track... Tip: Used with the above tool, Download Here

4. Top 20 Time Management Tips Checklist

Simple yet powerful, this list transforms your daily grind. Tackle one tip a week and watch your productivity skyrocket. Imagine, each week brings a new habit, making these savvy time management skills second nature. Download Here

5. Skyrocket Your Success with a Morning Routine Playbook

Cultivate life-altering routines to transform your mornings, accelerate achievement, and realize unstoppable success. Download Here.

6.Determining Goals Checklist

 Instead of establishing meaningless goals merely to gain approval which sets you up failure and disappointment, set heart-igniting goals instead. Download Here.

7. Nine Powerful Benefits of Daily Napping Guide

Napping costs nothing yet does good - benefiting mind and body in myriad ways. Accomplish more with a smile. Test for yourself and discover napping as a phenomenal productivity and performance booster. Download Here

This week had been a game changer. Thanks to Monday's training, I told myself daily I ROCK! and intentionally carved out time for my business and stuck to it. I closed my office door and got busy. That yielded in 4 new one to one appointments on my calendar. Yeah Me!

~Laura Moore McNeely

"You have helped and my team focus on what is important to business profitability, so we stayed focused to complete projects on time. The ROI far exceeds the cost of the program!" 

~Tracy L. Jones

"Ann's system is Unbelievable. I had my best month back in February, topped that in May by passing last years income. It's been a breakthrough year " 

~Joe Redmond III

Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak, creator of the Simplify Your Success System™, supports busy, frazzled entrepreneurs find perfect life harmony so they can dramatically increase their income and impact... working half the time!

She is the the author of The Journey to ME: Empowering You to Live a Life of Unstoppable Success and a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

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