Get More Done with Less Effort so You Can Quickly Grow Your Business

3-Day Virtual Workshop 

February 26 - 29, 2024


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Attention Heart-Aligned Entrepreneurs & Coaches

Are an entrepreneur's hours ever really their own? Between building the business, nurturing clients, staying atop your industry, and trying to carve out space for self and family, days slip away feeling scattered and depleted. 

But what if getting control of your time wasn’t about hustling harder? What if a simple system could help you organize your hours powerfully yet effortlessly?

Refocus Your Time Workshop will expose the fatal flaw in time management that keeps you on the hamster wheel of hustle and learn the secrets to getting more done, enjoy more free time without sacrificing your income.

Do You Keep Trying to Beat the Clock but it Keeps Winning?

Every successful woman entrepreneur reaches the point where she’s working, working, working, being stretched thin trying to get everything done she needs to do, yet her business feels like it’s at a standstill even though she’s on a hamster wheel of hustle. 

No matter what you do or how long you work, you’re still trapped by an ever growing to do list, you give up attending family events in the hopes of catching up and me time… what is that???

This results-oriented seminar is designed to: 

  • Eliminate distractions, time and energy draining activities.
  • Show you how to become super focused on the right activities to run your business more smoothly, efficiently.  
  • Give you the foundation to grow your business without working non-stop so you can experience time for yourself.

Here’s What to Expect During the Workshop

Refocus Your Time.  Enjoy three interactive sessions spread over three days.

During the workshop, You Will:

Do one simple thing to help you stay focused, gain clarity, and eliminate distractions to make substantial progress on your projects and goals

Design your "perfect" week to give you the ultimate results you desire while enjoying your business again. Use it over & over again

Use one strategy that goes against time management status quo to increase your sales working less hours

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February 26 - 29, 2024 

Live Sessions  1:00 -1:45 pm
Eastern  Time

Stream Live from Anywhere

3-Day Virtual Workshop

February 26 - 29, 2024

Your Workshop Agenda

Three days of interactive action steps, mindset shifts around time, simple strategies to make your life less stressful and more productive, dedicated Q & A sessions and much more. All coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level and jump off the hamster wheel of hustle are welcome.

monDAY February 26

1:00 PM (EDT)  Where Does Your Day Go? '

We’ll reveal why traditional time management fails overwhelmed entrepreneurs. Learn the real culprits behind schedule chaos, unproductive days, and the Bottleneck of Stuff Syndrome. 

Explore tools to build awareness around where time actually flows and vanishes. With these insights, we start clearing hurdles so you reclaim hours lost in inefficiency.

Tuesday February 27

1:00 PM (EDT) Your New Time System

You'll learn about a simple yet powerful system for structuring all that newfound time self-awareness into intentional, productive time. 

Discover the 4-Block Framework - your new secret weapon for work-life harmony and controlling your calendar.

Wednesday February 28

1:00 PM (EDT) Designing Your Ideal Week 

Using Flexible Forecasting.™ you'll map out what harmonious  productivity looks like day-to-day and week-by-week with your time new system.

You'll craft weekly routines that set you up for achievement  and build a focused Daily Achievement List tied to objectives

VIP Q & A SESSION: February Thursday 29, 2024


with Special Bonus "What to do When Sh*@t Happens" Session


Despite your stellar planning and productivity tricks, life happens! So on our final Q&A day, I want to equip you for the inevitable off-script chaos. Unexpected emergencies from faulty technology to family health scares can quickly spike stress and send carefully crafted schedules into disarray.

Get Ready to Handle Surprises!  

Stuff happens. Crises pop up and throw off your schedule.

In our bonus session, you'll learn a simple step-by-step way to deal when life surprises you.  

You'll get skills to tackle any curveballs quickly and map out a quick plan to transform obstacles into order so you can bounce back fast. 

You don't want to miss this!!!

Happy Clients

Gary Hendrickson

Finished His Book

Without this program to get me pointed in the right direction and focused on what needed doing, my book would still be an incomplete project sitting on my computer..

Amy Jordon

Stopped Putting Things Off

I knew I was putting things off that needed to be done now. Today I'm making my schedule and have attained goals, not only in my business but in my personal life too.

Linda Hale

Accomplishing More

I'm getting more done without adding work time to my week.

Here's What's Included in the Refocus Your Time 3 Day Workshop

Interactive Online Sessions
  • Access to all the Live Streamed sessions February 26-29, 2024
  • 7-Day access to all recordings of sessions
  • Training on everything to eliminate distractions and overwhelm, designing your ideal week to run your business more efficiently and profitably while working fewer hours and much more
  • Contest and giveaways in an exclusive Refocus Your Time Facebook Group
  • What to do When Sh*@t Happens" Training  February 29, 2024
  • Live Q & A Session

More Raves

I’m far more productive and improving all the time

 I was constantly going in circles due to my fear and lack of confidence. Ann’s program helped me feel much more positive. I pick myself up quicker when I’m down. Spending 15 minutes a day on me has helped tremendously. I’m far more productive and improving all the time.

Virginia Dempsey

Manifested an unexpected $1000

Within, two weeks of working with Ann, I shifted my thoughts to be more open especially around money. This resulted in an unexpected $1000 showing up and a customer calling me out of the blue to place a big order.

Rynette Vall

It's been a breakthrough year

"Ann's system is Unbelievable. I had my best month back in February, topped that in May by passing last years income. It's been a breakthrough year " 

Joe Redmond III

Completed projects on time

You have helped and my team focus on what is important to business profitability, so we stayed focused to complete projects on time. The ROI far exceeds the cost of the program!

Tracy L. Jones

Join us for this Exciting Event starting February 26, 2024

Reserve your seat now and join us live for Refocus Your Time  virtual workshop that will change the way you grow your business without working non-stop

Meet Your Host Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak, created of the Simplify Your Success System™, to help busy, frazzled women entrepreneurs find the perfect life balance so they can double their income... working half the time!

She is also the author of The Journey to ME: Empowering You to Live a Life of Unstoppable Success, and a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, 

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