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Unleash Your Brilliance

5 Days to Confidently Turn Your Ideas into Income

Normally $97

NOW $47


Does this sound like you?

  • You are busy, all day, every day, but none of your activity seems to amount to actual revenue-producing results.

  • You take only enough action NOT TO FAIL but never enough action to gain momentum and stand out with your marketing and offerings 

  • You are secretly afraid to put your offerings out in the world because you don't believe anyone would pay for it?

Take a deep breathe… you're not alone.

Over the past few months, I noticed a recurring theme happening to many of the womenpreneurs, especially in today uncertain environment.

  • They all want to make a difference
  • They all got this great money-making idea

But only a very few of them are acting on it.

Most worry about being judged and criticized. Can you relate?

Here's what happening… they devote so much time tinkering with their idea, perfecting it, and doing more tweaking that it takes forever to put their offering in front of those who want it.

I talked to several women going through this hesitation of putting their offer in the marketplace,  it all came down to one thing, the same thing I feared too.

What if nobody buys it?

Heck. I sat on my finished book The Journey to ME for a year before mustering the guts the hit the publish button.

The screaming meemies (AKA inner critic) went into overdrive. Anything to keep me from pushing that button. But push I did. I survived and sold books.

You too can finally get your ideas out there and crank up your income flow...

Unleash Your Brilliance

5 Days to Confidently Turn Your Ideas into Income

Normally $97

NOW Only $47!

“Manifested an unexpected $1000”


I didn't feel confident enough to talk to potential clients. Within, two weeks of working with Ann, I shifted my thoughts to be more open especially around money. This resulted in an unexpected $1000 showing up and a customer calling me out of the blue to place a big order. I loved how Ann gently guided me to overcome the fear of talking about my business and to see the worth and value in myself. I'm feeling less stressed and I now attract new clients with confidence. I'm so grateful for all Ann has done.

Rynette Vall

During your 5 day journey

  • Discover a simple technique I used to close a $20K sale
  • Know the true the value of your knowledge and skills and comfortably charge your worth
  • Learn to raise your "deserving setpoint" to crash through your income ceiling
  • Write new empowering money stories to allow more cash to flow to you
  • Turn your inner critic into a raving cheerleader working on your side to attract prosperity in your life and business
  • Do a fun game to turn your "no one will buy" dread into a can't wait to launch your offer excitment

Here Is What You Get:

  •  5 Daily Video Training Modules
  • 5 Daily Question & Answer Videos (from live event)
  • Know Your Value workbook
  • 21 Empowering Money Affirmations Guidebook
  • 14 Ways to Boost Your Confidence cheat sheet

Now, it's time to make a choice... stay stuck financially or kickstart a flood of clients...

Unleash Your Brilliance

5 Days to Confidently Turn Your Ideas into Income

NOW Only $47!

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“I place more value on who I am and what I offer other”


“I knew I was being way too hard on myself. I needed to get over ‘settling’ for things that were wrong for me and my business. I seriously needed validation and support I'm on the right path. Ann’s transformed her journey into an extensive arsenal of strategies to help you overcome the inner issues holding you back from experiencing who you’re destined to become. She’s caring, thoughtful, insightful and helps you get the job done in empowering, rewarding ways. I place more value on who I am and what I offer others. I’m looking forward to sharing my skills and talents through my book, classes and workshops.”

Debi Goldben

What if you knew you could confidently attract the right clients who wanted to buy from you?

Would you hesitate for one second to put your offer out there?

Close your eyes

Imagine how different…

  • Your life would be
  • Your bank account would like
  • Your progam client's life would be...
Ann Rusnak

Ann Rusnak emboldens womenpreneurs who remain stuck on a financial plateau break free to allow more money in with ease while making a positive difference just being themselves.

She is the author of The Journey to ME: Empowering You to Live a Life of Unstoppable Success, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and Money Empowerment Strategist.

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